Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thing 1: VoiceThread

Let's get started! Since VoiceThread is one of the more-used web tools at ISM, I thought it would be a good place to begin.

Basically, VoiceThread allows you to have a conversation, using images and video, with other people. Imagine a slideshow, but with only images and video. You share this with other people (a class, a department, parents, the world, etc.) and these people can make comments on each of your images and video clips. They can comment using written text, voice messages, or video messages.

According to VoiceThread's website, the act of "voicethreading" is:
  1. to communicate ideas using more than one of the senses
  2. to connect with an audience in an authentic and simple manner
  3. a discussion that simulates a live presence
With a VoiceThread account, you can create individual VoiceThreads. For each VoiceThread, you can upload images and/or videocomment on each page using text, audio or video, and then share the VoiceThread with other users, who can then make their own comments using text, audio or video. It's amazing!

Here is a VoiceThread I created as a demonstration:

Also, here is a website created for teachers to share how they've used VoiceThread in the classroom: VoiceThread 4 Education Wiki

VoiceThread also has a library of lesson ideas submitted by educators: VoiceThread Digital Library

***ISM has purchased a number of VoiceThread educator accounts. If you did not already have an account, I had the IT department create an account for you. Your username is your ISM email address and your password is Ismanila13. You will be required to change your password the first time you log in. If you have problems getting in, let me know!***


  • Browse these websites VoiceThread 4 Education WikiVoiceThread Digital Library for VoiceThread examples.
  • Make at least ONE comment on my VoiceThread (I made it "public", so anyone can comment-- feel free to use text, voice, or video commenting!)
  • Log in to your VoiceThread account and create a VoiceThread with at least 5 slides. It can be about anything!
  • Create a "Thing 1: VoiceThread" post on your blog. Either paste in the link to your VoiceThread or embed it like I did here. Holly E. found a great YouTube video on embedding VT into Blogger: Embedding a VoiceThread on Blogger
  • In your "Thing 1: VoiceThread" post, reflect on your experience. Did you like it? How would you use it professionally? If not, why not?

If you are a VoiceThread "Pro" (or at least have made a few), you should still complete each of these steps, but instead of making a simple VoiceThread, think about how you can do something new-- something to challenge your skills/understanding of VT. Use it with students/parents/colleagues. Try using only video clips. Or only original photographs. Let your creativity run wild!

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