Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thing 11: Choose Your Own Adventure

This is the LAST "Thing!"

You've made it. Congratulations for sticking with the program, for challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and for being willing to try new things. After this post, there will be a final post requirement in which you describe teaching a tool to a group of colleagues; a final survey to complete; and then you will have officially completed the program! 

For the final Thing, you have the freedom of choice. What kind of tool is missing from your arsenal? Have you seen an iPad app that looks intriguing but that you haven't had a chance to explore? A web tool that someone was using but you haven't yet tried? This is your chance to dive into something that piques your interest, and then teach the rest of us about that tool.

Here are a few resources to explore:


  • Explore a variety of web tools or iPad apps and choose one that you are interested in learning how to use.
  • Create a screencast tutorial (for a web tool) or step-by-step instructions (for iPad apps) for your tool/app.
  • Add your screencast or instructions to your Thing 11 post.
  • In your "Thing 11: Choose Your THING" post, reflect on your experience. Why did you choose this tool/app? Do you think you will use your chosen tool/app in the future? Who else do you think might be interested in learning about this tool/app?

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