Friday, June 6, 2014

Thing 10: Google+

Congratulations on making it to the penultimate "Thing!"

Google+ is a social network and integrated platform for creating and sharing online content.  You can post links, pictures, video and comments, join and create communities, and create circles based on interest. You can also participate in "Hangouts", which are multi-person video chats that even have the ability to be recorded and streamed to YouTube (call Hangouts 'On Air'). All ISM faculty and staff with official email accounts automatically have a Google+ account.

Here is a screencast I made about Google+ BASICS (I'm a relative newbie myself):

Ideas for using G+ in education:

  1. Create a G+ community for your department, grade level, office, admin team, etc.
    1. Share links, pictures, video
    2. Discuss upcoming units, meetings, events
    3. Remote meetings via Hangouts
  2. Create a G+ community for your students (High School only)
    1. Post homework
    2. Host experts via Hangouts
    3. Extend class discussions beyond the school day
    4. Create a community for students taking the same class with different teachers/blocks
  3. Create a G+ community for your club, teams or activities (High School only)
    1. Post pictures and video
    2. Make announcements, schedule changes, etc.
    3. Discuss upcoming events, meets, etc.
  4. Create a G+ community for your ES/MS/HS division
    1. Share links, pictures, video
    2. Conduct online PD via Hangouts
    3. Discuss upcoming events
    4. Book discussions
I found several great articles about using Google+ in education, but you've got to join our Level Up! With 11 Things on a Jeepney Google+ community in order to see them!:


  • Enable your Google+ account if you haven't already done so
  • Join the Level Up! With 11 Things on a Jeepney Google+ community
  • Read the articles about Google+ in education (I posted them in the Jeepney G+ community)
  • Make at least ONE post to the Jeepney G+ community
  • Make some circles and add people to them
  • In your "Thing 10: Google+" post, reflect on your experience. Have you already been using G+? If so, do you use it? If this is your first experience with it, what do you think? Can you see using it with colleagues? With students (HS)?  *The HS is going to make a big push in SY '14-'15 towards using G+ with students!

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